The ARCHLine.XP MEP tools make it easy for engineers to model and visualize mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in 3D, along with the architectural model. 

Import your MEP parts, fixtures and fittings in IFC format, connect your elements using ducts, pipes, etc. 

Have full control over when and how to represent your MEP elements in order to have clean and professional layouts.

Feature available in ARCHLine.XP Professional only
What's better than having the ability to build MEP systems? When you do not have to do it by hand.

Meet "Auto Routing": ARCHLine.XP connects up your MEP parts to each other by itself, so that you don't have to worry about collision or missing connections.

Feature available in ARCHLine.XP Professional only


Create lighting plans by organizing and ordering your switches and lamps together.
With the schematic representation of your electrical items, a unified 2D appearance is made possible.

The method is as follows:

  • Define the type of your lamps: ceiling, wall, desk, pendant, spot, etc.
  • The lamps are “turned” into a symbolic 2D representation
  • The switches and lamps are linked up together
  • The connection between the items is checked: are there any non-connected elements? Are there any switches that have ways that are not yet taken?
  • Eventually, we yield necessary data, such as the needed wattage of a room.


Turn your imported textures into seamless ones. A seamless pattern means that its vertical and horizontal repetition is without breaks, therefore resulting in a natural and realistic outcome. 
No need for an external image manipulation software to achieve this result – you can do this in ARCHLine.XP directly. Process your textures, define their boundaries manually, and use them as seamless patterns.